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Fiete Match Released for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Fiete MatchFiete Match for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

***** Winner of SEGA´s “Big Indie Pitch 2013” *****

Fiete Match is a memory Game with a twist:
A real sailor as an opponent!

The kids are playing against Fiete that engages like a real player even after the cards and yes the game process shows different emotions.

Besides logic, abstraction and memory training this app children playfully empathy.

Our card sets:

Marine animals:
Find pairs.

Nautical flags
Find pair with abstract images.

World Tour:
Images and abstract symbols give a pair

Find logical relationships.

Assign an image with multiple elements on it to the correct number.

Assign small calculations (in the number range from 1 to 10) with the correct solution.

Fiete Match IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch

Version 1.0: Hugefiles

Download Full Version

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