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FighterTycoon v1.5 added 30+ ai fighters

FighterTycoonFighterTycoon for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Imagine the day the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) becomes one of the most popular sports in the world. Well, that day may be closer than you think!

In 2017, the MMA became renown world-wide and accumulated great popularity and fame. Now, you have a chance to be part of that world!!

FighterTycoon is a management-based simulation Game that is modeled after the exiting MMA world.

The player is allowed a set amount of money or talents depending on the avatar they choose, and is given the task of completing the mission that they select.


* you can select from 3 unique avatars, each with different strengths and weaknesses

* There are 3 organizations and 100 different fighters from all over the world with a vast variety of skills and potentials.

* you can contract up to 19 fighters to join your team

* Dynamic Training System: A statistical chart is shown so you can compare your fighters to the opponents and train your fighter according to his opponents’ weaknesses or your fighters’ strengths!

* Various ways to manage your team. including sports bet, classes, equipment, sponsors etc..

– Sports bet: When you’re in a tight financial spot, there’s always the option of classic Betting. Decide who may get you the big money, the underdog, or the favorite. You never know. This suspenseful and exiting betting system will really get on the edge of your chair!!!

– Classes: besides betting, what better way to make money than share your fighting knowledge with other people?? Open classes and make profits based on student satisfaction and tuition.

– Fighter’s popularity and sponsorship: If you want great sponsors, you need to be famous!! As your fighter’s popularity increases and his name goes out there, your fighter will attract better sponsors that are willing to support your fighter financially.

– and much more!

* Please note – this Game contains high resolution graphics, and is designed for iPhone 3GS or later/ Ipad 1&2
! Will NOT be playable on iPhone 1st & 2nd generation !

What’s New in Version 1.5

Added screen rotation
– Added 30+ ai fighters
– More chances to get a title shot in UCF
– Higher betting limit
– More students and higher tuition
– Increased importance of stamina — when your fighter
obtains a certain amount of skills, stamina will be
essential to go over the limit
– You can contract up to 19 fighters in the biggest Gym
– Lowest fund limit to avoid bankrupcy is now 150,000
– Bug fixes

FighterTycoon cracked

FighterTycoon ipa

FighterTycoon IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 1.5: Limelinx |  SlingFile

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