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FileBrowser – Access files on remote computers v2.1

FileBrowserFileBrowser is like having Windows Explorer or Mac Finder on your iPad/iPhone to access network folders on Macs, Windows, Linux, and NAS drives.

AT HOME: Stream movies and music over WiFi direct to your iPad/iPhone. View a slideshow of photos from your computer. No need to sync or copy to your iPad/iPhone. Access your NAS without needing to turn your computer on.

AT WORK: Browse file servers over the Internet using the iPad/iPhone’s built in VPN. In the board room or on site, retrieve and view documents from company servers.

Unlike other file sharing apps, with FileBrowser everything is done from your iPad/iPhone instead of sitting at your computer and uploading to it.

View every document type that iOS supports. Pass files to and from other apps – for example, store email attachments in FileBrowser for later use with an editor app.

FileBrowser requires no additional software on the target computer/network drive – just check that file sharing is enabled on your computer and connect.

Use an iPad/iPhone-compatible VPN or SMB port-forwarding to connect to your file server or workstation via 3G or from the Internet.

FileBrowser requires iOS 4.2 or later.

If you’re new to home networking, use our online troubleshooter and our guide documents to help you get connected. If you’re unable to connect, email us at [email protected] for fast friendly help.

FileBrowser is an essential app but it’s not magic and it doesn’t bypass network security. It will not be able to access your files on your home computer from a remote location over the Internet without your computer being accessible FROM the Internet and SMB file sharing being enabled. Please see our web site for options on getting connected from a remote location.

■ Connects using the CIFS/SMB protocol to Windows 2000 and above, MacOS from 10.5, most variants of Linux, and most (but not all) NAS drives.
■ Does NOT support AFP or FTP.
■ Does not support AVI or DIVX because the iPad/iPhone doesn’t natively support these formats. A third party app will be required to play these.

FileBrowser is able to connect to a wide variety of SMB file servers, but some are not compatible. Before purchasing FileBrowser we recommend that you try our free NetPortalLite app. If it can’t connect, then FileBrowser probably won’t be able to either, although NetPortalLite is currently being updated to align with FileBrowser.

If our web site doesn’t answer all your questions, we will clarify any query you have.

What’s New in FileBrowser Version 2.1

★ Added Quickoffice Save Back integration for iPad.
★ Added save/load all settings.
★ Added save/load machine settings.
★ Added SSL VPN On Demand integration.
★ Added Photo Stream access.
★ Added play single audio/video file.
★ Can now accept more ‘Open In’ file types.
★ Fixed problems with Photo Library actions.
★ Fixed ‘Open In’ for Photo Library files.
★ Fixed printing of Photo Library files.
★ Fixed shuffle mode of local video/audio files.

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