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FINAL FANTASY III for iPad Now Available


If you’re looking for a reason to call out sick on Friday, here it is. On Thursday Square Enix followed up its March launch of Final Fantasy III for the iPhone by releasing a new iPad version. We’ve been playing the iPhone version for a while and appreciate the crisp 3D graphics and easy controls. Plus, you’re guaranteed to get more than just a few hours of Game play out of this epic title that first made its debut in 1990 — before being relaunched on the Nintendo DS in 2006. Square Enix promises new and improved 3D visuals and story sequences on the iPad, quicker browsing through monster bestiary and other game records, and new visual designs for Job Mastery cards. The user interface has also been revamped to take advantage of the iPad’s larger display. There’s a reason we have a few Sumolounge beanbag chairs in our office… and this game is it. Click Here to view in iTunes and Hit and jump to see more review

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