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FINAL FANTASY IV Hack Unlimited Gil

FINAL FANTASY IV finally arrived!! FINAL FANTASY IV is available for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch. If you have your idevices jailbroken, you can download FINAL FANTASY IV IPA from here for free. Here, I am going to give you FINAL FANTASY IV hack for free to get unlimited Gil on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch without jailbreak.

FINAL FANTASY IV hack feature:

  1. Unlimited Gil (9,999,999)

How to hack FINAL FANTASY IV to get unlimited Gil without jailbreak:

1. Install and Run FINAL FANTASY IV. Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Download FINAL FANTASY IV hack from the link given below. [Free]

3. Unzip the file.

4. Use iFunbox copy the folder ” Documents” to var/mobile/Applications/FinalFantasy4/

5. Overwrite existing files.

6. Enjoy unlimited Gil  on FINAL FANTASY IV, brought to you by J8mesz. Only here at iPlayPlus.net


Normal: Download from here | Hard: Download from here

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Free: Normal:Download from here | Hard: Download from here

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  1. it work perfectly,remember after copy paste to restart your device then open the game press home button don’t kill the game in multi tasking,copy paste again the file,open the game then save game not quicksave,quit the game then open again the game FF4 wait a minutes the clik continue game tada cek your money…IT WORK ON ME

  2. whats the point of this hack, you cannot even save the game after the hack. Do you think people will complete the game in one go!! I would look for another hack. Don’t use this not recommended!!

    • sorry it it now working, what you have to do is after applying the hack you have to hard reset your device (home and sleep button until the apple logo is on).

  3. Great! what do i have to do with that .dat file? found values for exp and changed them. now i cant load the Save file.

  4. The hack kinda works cuz it gives me the Gil but I can’t save after that. Everytime I save and go back the sac file isn’t there.

  5. what is hard vs normal?

  6. Was waiting for it, thank you.
    Good job J8mesz!

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