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Final Run released on app store, download now

Final Run has released on app store for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch. Final Run is selling on app store for $3.99. You can purchase Final Run from here. Or you can download Final Run 1.0.0 IPA from the link given below.

Final Run is a massive 3D driving-action Game, combining vehicle combat, exploration, zombie-blasting and landmined road challenges, all set to a compelling story. With an immense 3D world, Final Run boasts 19 levels in diverse environments like the open desert, military compounds and industrial zones. Come fight the Infection!

A catastrophic global epidemic has wiped out millions. Now the highly contagious infected have been contained. Bordering the containment area lies the Grey Zone. In this derelict no-man’s-land, only the desperate survive…

In Final Run, renegade scavenger Kurt Boltares finds himself protecting Doctor Shizu Lee as they are forced to flee the containment area. Having betrayed their former leader, a ruthless mercenary they call the Chief, they know that if they can’t escape, he’ll have them killed. Or, if they’re really unlucky… the Virus will get them first.

+ An epic story in 19 spectacular 3D levels!
+ Kill zombies, destroy vehicles in combat, and dash across mined roads
+ An immersive original soundtrack supported by a dynamic music system
+ Achieve extra in-mission goals to Unlock all 6 weapons and all 6 vehicles
+ Intense boss fights with special mechanics and enemies
+ No in-app purchases – all unlockables are accessible for everyone
+ Customizable controls – play as you want!
+ Support for iCade and iControlPad

Final Run ipa

Final Run 1.0.0 ipa

Download Final Run 1.0.0 cracked ipa -mediafire

Download Full Version

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