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Firefox 4 hit 100 million downloads in a month

firefox 4 100 millon downloads

A month ago Mozilla released the new Firefox 4 and now it had more than twice as many downloads as Internet Explorer 9 after its launch.As the image above shows the firefox 4 will hit 100 million downloads after just one month,according to the Firefox download stats ticker.

What’s more impressive is that the browser has now taken over 7.94% of the worldwide browser market according to StatCounter, with Internet Explorer 8.0 at 29.99%, Firefox 3.6 at 24.43% and Chrome 10 at 15.35%.

For myself, I had 4 browsers installed in my own computer which are Firefox 4,Chrome 10,IE 9 and Safari.Mostly, I am only using Firefox 4 because it is running faster than the others 3. And as what I knew that the web designers or developers are more likely to use Firefox,the reason is the Firefox have many many of add-ons to help developing,such as firebug can helps debug and more.So what are you using as your browser? How do you feel like the Firefox 4? Let us know in comments.

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