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Fishing Superstars v1.2.2 Hack Unlimited Golds and Stars

Updated: Fishing Superstars v1.2.3 Hack Unlimited Golds and Stars

Fishing Superstars has been updated to version 1.2.2 with new items and new system added. Here is Fishing Superstars v1.2.2 hack for you to get unlimited golds and stars on iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch with jailbreak.

What’s New in Fishing Superstars Version 1.2.2

Thanks for playing Fishing Superstars.
1.New system added: Collection
– Rewards given when completing the collection list
2.New system added: Luck Card
– Able to require rewards using coupon or Gold/Stars
3.Added special items(Chums, Special Potion)
4.Upgraded main menu UI

Fishing Superstars 1.2.2 hack features:

  1. Unlimited golds
  2. Unlimited stars
[iframe width=”640″ height=”360″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/5JsnAhJnij4?rel=0″ ]

How to hack Fishing Superstars 1.2.2 with jailbreak on iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

1. Download  and install Fishing Superstars 1.2.2.Run the Game and loaded everything up! Play the Game for awhile. Exit Game and close from multitask.

2. Download Fishing Superstars 1.2.2 hack from the link given below. [VIP REQUIRED]

3. Unzip the file. Use iFunbox copy the file “FishingSuperstars” to var/mobile/Applications/FishingSupersrats/FishingSupersrats.app/ [Here is how to]

4. Overwrite existing file. Make sure set permissions to 777 using iFile. [Here is how to]

5. Reboot your device.

6. Now start the Game and go head purchase as many golds/stars as you want! (Watch the video above)

7.  Done! There you have unlimited golds and stars on Fishing Superstars 1.2.2. Brought to you by J8mesz, only here at iPlayPlus.net

Note: Make sure installed older version of iapfree (v3.0.1)/ or iapcracker on your device and turn it on! 

This hack only available for 4 months,1 year and lifetime VIP members.

MUST NOTE: If you running  iOS 6, then this hack is not for you. 

Have iapfree 3.1.1 installed? Uninstall iapfree completed, then go here to follow my instructions to downgrade to iapfree 3.0.1. 


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Grab download password from VIP section.

Updated: Fishing Superstars v1.2.3 Hack Unlimited Golds and Stars

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  1. @jamesz04:disqus when i tried to play fishing superstars today,the abnormal data detected message popped up,does that mean i’m banned?

  2. hi j8mez first of all this hack work thx for your hard work
    btw can you hack little empire? it would be awesome if you can hack that game cheers 🙂

  3. Is there a way for you to upload IAPFree 3.0.1 together with the core plugin? Because I’ve only just started to jailbreak and new jailbreaks are not able to download the core plugin anymore.

  4. DONE your the best J8mesz 😀 i love you ^^ xD


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