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FlickStackr for Flickr v2.5.2 fixed bugs

FlickStackr for FlickrFlickStackr for Flickr [iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch]:

NEW ! Support for the new iPad Retina display

FlickStackr brings Flickr photo sharing to the iPad. Designed from the ground up for the larger screen, it allows you to BROWSE photos in the Flickr universe. UPLOAD photos, and EDIT your photos’ metadata.

Most COMPLETE and FUNCTIONAL Flickr app on the AppStore.

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Please use Twitter or the support email for any feedback. We can’t respond to reviews in the AppStore. We listen and answer back.

Key Features :

==== BROWSING ====

– Single app compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad.

– Retina support for iPhone4/4S and new iPad

– You can look at your own photos, your sets, your favorites and your contacts and their photos.

– Browse flickr content whether you have a flickr account or not.

– Support for viewing Flickr groups photos and discussions

– Support for viewing Flickr videos

– Full screen photo browser that lets you swipe through photos and zoom by pinching. (Landscape and Portrait).

– Slideshow mode, including support for external displays (TV, HDMI, VGA)

– Browse via user’s Streams, Sets, Collections, Groups, Tags and Galleries.

– No need for paging while looking at large photosets. FlickStackr does it automatically in the background.
Photos are cached locally for fast access.

– Tags, exif and photo location viewing

– Search photos in Flickr : via keyword + geographic location + owned by you or a contact

– Offline mode for looking at photos while disconnected.
– A unique feature is the ‘STACK’. The Stack lets you mark photos and photosets from you or any other people. This stack is saved on your iPad, so that you can keep this list without having to publish it to flickr. Useful when you want to review photos later, or share them all via email

– Share photos with friends : Single photos (or several photos using the Stack) via email, Facebook,Twitter and Tumblr

– AirPlay support for Flickr Videos on any device

– AirPlay mirroring and presentation mode support for all the app on iPad2, iPad3 and iPhone 4S


– Upload photos directly from your iPhone/iPad. Use the device’s photo library as source, the camera, the Camera Connection Kit, or using iTunes drag and drop, to get photos from your computer

– At upload time you can specify : title, caption, tags, sets, groups, geo location, privacy

– Exif and GPS information is maintained when uploading

– Upload in the background while you continue to browse photos

– Edit your flickr photo’s metadata and geo location from your device

– Edit photo metadata in batches

– Upload in the background(multitask) on iOS4

– LIMITATION : Browsing your photo library to choose photos in high resolution and with Exif requires granting location access to FlickStackr. This is unfortunately an Apple imposed limitation


– Support for having multiple Flickr accounts active. This is ideal for households sharing an iPad or for people with multiple identities online.

– A flickr account is NOT required. FlickStackr can be used by people who just want to explore flickr. Stacks and searches work without an account.

– Supports all iPad screen orientations.

– As a universal application, FlickStackr is also compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch 4.0+

==== 500px Support ====

– Access 500px.com photos and uploads via a one-time in-app purchase. ($0.99/ €0.79)

What’s New in Version 2.4.2

This update addresses several stability problems.
* Fix crash when browsing Flickr Groups. – caused by a change on flickr.com

Thanks to your feedback and comments on the AppStore (not always positive), we’ve spent a lot of time improving the stability of FlickStackr.
We’ve optimized and tested on ALL of iOS devices to provide you with the best experience on each.
You will notice how much more stable the app is, and how you can now explore more photos without those ugly ‘crashes’.

Also :
* Re-enable receiving of FlickStackr service advisory notifications
* Fix issue with cryptic error showing when setting photo upload dates. Flickr limits you to only set the date after the date you joined flickr.
* Fix 500px photo dates not showing up

What’s New in Version 2.4.3

– When using the iPad in portrait mode, the animation to switch to full screen photo view is now smooth and clean

– User’s tag list showed empty rows
– Popular tags in uploads showed empty
– Tags per-user was doing improper caching : If you explored ‘cars’ tag on user A, user B would show the same results.
– iPhone : After modifying the attributes of a photo, the Modify button may disappear.

What’s New in Version 2.5.2


* Fix memory leak when showing popup menus
* Fix crashes when processing iCloud updates
* Long time to startup when iCloud is enabled. In some cases, the app would not start at all
* Always show latest available Flickr Explore, instead of showing a blank page.
* Provide alternative Flickr authentication mechanism, for people unable to logon to flickr.
* Improve performance of home screen when showing photos
* Ensure compatibility with future versions of iOS

FlickStackr for Flickr ipa

FlickStackr for Flickr IPA For iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 2.5.2: sendspace

Version 2.4.3: Mediafire

Version 2.4.2 : SlingFile | iTunes Link

Here is how to unlock 500px Photography add-on for free 

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