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Fling iPad joystick adds to the ipad games

Last year, there was peripheral business for the hope that iPhone / iPod touch on the joystick and buttons get to experience the real needs of users, the introduction of the physical adsorption joystick and buttons. This has many looking forward to the peripheral long a user really excited, but was not so lucky iPad users can only watch helplessly iPhone / iPod touch users in that happy. But now no longer jealous iPad users, because a named Fling the iPad entity with a joystick peripheral absorption, is also prepared to be booked.

Fling the use of transparent soft resin material production, does not block the view too much. Fling the same time with the suction cup of adsorption is independent of the rocker portion of the two small suction cups, to be more stable adsorption, and better operating feel. And Fling for most of the virtual joystick control for iPad Game, but only pity is the Fling’s products currently only stick, but not really on the virtual key aspects of the product. True if there is follow-up to the physical launch of the virtual keys on the key peripherals, I believe there will be more products would be of interest to the user.

Interested users can Tenonedesign’s website to book, but need to January 6, when only a formal reservation. Fling is currently scheduled for the $ 24.95 price will be used to install rocker comes with a small bag.

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