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Fortune Publishes ‘All About Steve’ ebook

If you can’t wait another two months for Walter Isaacson’s official Steve Jobs biography, Fortune has you covered with All About Steve, a collection of 17 stories drawn from Fortune’s articles. Available as a Kindle ebook at a list price of US$10.99, the collection features stories that “are the product of deep reporting” according to Fortune’s description, including some which are the product of interviews with Jobs himself.
While this ebook is available exclusively from Amazon, it’s not just viewable on Amazon’s own Kindle. Downloading the free Kindle app for the Mac or iOS devices will allow you to read All About Steve on the Apple hardware of your choice.
As this collection is “drawn from the pages of Fortune” it’s unlikely to contain any brand-new content, but it should nonetheless be a diverting read for those interested in the man who played such a huge role in reversing Apple’s fortunes over the past decade. Meanwhile, Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs should be released on November 21.

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