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Free app: Movie Triangles

Movie Triangles is a fun Java Game where you connect movie stars and their films in a Sierpinski triangle-style grid. Developer Jim Blackler originally had the idea to create a trivia game made up of information straight from Wikipedia, and Movie Triangles is what that idea eventually became. It’s also available for iOS now as a free universal app, so if you’re a movie buff (or just know one), you can test your knowledge of movie casts right now on the iPhone and the iPad.

Unfortunately, since the app started off outside of the iOS platform, it’s not super flashy. You’re basically just dragging triangles with text on them around, and a little bit of extra color or flash (a timer? another mode?) might have gone a long way. But the Game is surprisingly addictive, as you can tell by playing it online, especially if you happen to know quite a bit about recent movies and movie stars. For film buffs, rearranging the triangles to try and remember who’s in which movie is a lot of fun.

The app is free, so there’s really no reason to complain. Give it a look if you’re into playing a little movie trivia on your iOS device.

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