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Further ‘iPhone 5’ Case Analysis Suggests 4-inch Screen

Detailed measurements of the purported iPhone 5 cases being sold online suggests that the new device will have a 4-inch screen.
Yesterday, a gallery of photos comparing the iPhone 4 with supposed iPhone 5 cases showed that the upcoming device could be significantly thinner and wider. Now MacRumors, has used measurements to extrapolate a 4-inch screen side from the same case design.
The iPhone 4’s 3.5" screen measures approximately 1.95" in width within a total device width of 2.31", leaving approximately 0.36" for margins/bezel. Assuming a comparable margin on the iPhone 5, the device’s display would be approximately 2.24" wide, making the display approximately 4" on the diagonal. It seems unlikely that Apple would make the margins of the iPhone 5 screen larger than on the iPhone 4, so if this does represent the final case design, the iPhone 5’s screen would have to be at least 4". Of course, this contradicts a recent report from DigiTimes claiming that the iPhone 5’s screen would be between 3.5"-3.7".
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