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Galaxy Empire(Deluxe) v1.4.1 added new content

Galaxy Empire

Galaxy Empire(Deluxe) for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

The Deluxe version of Galaxy Empire grants you the power of an in Game GEOLOGIST for one month who automatically increases your resource production rate. The Geologist is available as an in-app purchase for users of the normal version and this is a $9.99 value! Only applies to the first account registered on a device.

After soaring through space for months, you’ve finally arrived on an unfamiliar planet with the mission of colonizing it. It’s time to build your galaxy empire.

You’ll have to collect natural resources, construct buildings, wage wars and expand your territory in Galaxy Empire.

Will your legacy be one of bloody aggression or peaceful diplomacy? Along the way you’ll make friends and enemies, trade precious resources and wage deadly wars.

Galaxy Empire Features:

– Play in an online world with thousands of players

– Establish and manage multiple colonies

– Find and gather resources across the galaxy

– Research advanced technologies and construct fleets

– Join or create an alliance and conquer new systems

– Global and Alliance live chat system

What’s New in Galaxy Empire Version 1.2

Galaxy Empire 1.2 Release Announcement:

·Added a counter to battleships – the Dreadnought
·Added 5 Enemy planets to each system: Deportees, Galaxy Pirates, Source of Pollution, Bloody Palace, and Alien Brood
·World Chat will now have a Reporting System for players to report other players who are breaking the rules
·Added a “Help” section to Settings that will include “FAQ” and “Contact Us”.And now you can see your username in “My Account”section.
·Support for the Korean Language
·New App Icon
·Custom Music can now be played when running Galaxy Empire
·Adjusted formula for the lost of probes sent to spy on other planets to be more reasonable.
·Optimized data transmission to reduce lag and data consumption.
·Revised Push Notification, Now you can choose to not receive notifications on canceled flights from the Options menu.
·Bug Fixes
·Fixed frozen interface bug
·Fixed a prompt about inadequate gas resources for a task bug.
·Fixed overlarge display of number of resources on iTouch bug
·Fixed crash bugs

What’s New in Version 1.4.1

* New Building: Nano-robot factory, nano-robot factory upgrade every level, will greatly increase the speed of the planet building and the construction of the spacecraft.
* Ships and defensive facilities:
* Add one kind of ship: Destroyer
* Add science and technology for bomber
* Added a defense facility: the Ion Cannon
* Major adjustment on login screen, optimization of the entire login process. Login screen plus “account” option. In the “Account” interface will automatically display the registration or trial account on this device, click the appropriate account directly into the Game. You can also click “+” on the top right of this interface button to add your existing account.
*Add a new function on fleet interface: the fleet prepared.From now on expedition would not be that easy.

* Optimization of fighting animation algorithm.

Complete the function of binding mailbox and retrieving password, Function of retrieving password can be used In the interface of “Account”(enter from log in interface)

Add daily login package. After loginning in 7 consecutive days you will have daily access to receive 50 Dark Matter and a commander randomly.

Increase the reward of invitation. Each player can have sharing reward once a week. The details is in the “Rule Details of Invitation” in Sharing interface.

Other adjustment

Aimed at large amount of mails which make game lag, we have optimized and adjusted the mail system.

* Now you will receive a report called a “Resource received” when an alliance member send resource to you.
* Optimize the novice task flow.
* Optimize the server security policy.

Galaxy Empire(Deluxe) ipa

Galaxy Empire(Deluxe) IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 1.4.1: FileFactory | Turbobit

Download Full Version

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