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“Game Dev Story 2” will be landing iOS platform

Japanese developer Kairosoft before his unit of the “Game Dev Story” transplanted to the iOS platform, and get a lot of praise and sales. Said he was pleased to see this Kairosoft this result, and expressed the hope that more people have access to “Game Dev Story” game.


Perhaps also Kairosoft said one day, they begin to “Game Dev Story 2” in the development of production, of course, this is a book of plans, there is little substantive progress.

The Kairosoft’s spokesman said: We will develop a sequel (“Game Dev Story 2”), but not soon be included in the development agenda. We are considering a new game to improve to increase the number of network elements to the original game itself, such as sales performance, ranking among the game between the staff and the players give each other. At the same time the old “Game Dev Story” game settings, has been unable to match the actual situation now, so “Game Dev Story 2” will be significant changes to almost be redone.

It seems like to play as soon as possible to the “Game Dev Story 2” in the present is not really possible, but Kairosoft also have a new game is expected. So the only remaining hope Kairosoft made to the game as soon as possible. Just do not want people to wait in the first half.

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