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GamePlayer – CheatEngine for iPhone/iPad/iPod

GamePlayer Cydia Source / Repository

Download Gameplayer for iOS 8 – iOS 9.x

GamePlayer deb download:(latest version)

GamePlayer available in the following sources/repositories

  • ADD Cydia Repo /source —

Search for GamePlayer .

Install Gameplayer

GamePlayer  Require Openssh and Backgrounder (for non-multitasking games like tap paradise cove).

Tested on all device and all iOS versions.

With this App you can hack almost all offline games and some online game.

Android users? You can download GameKiller here

How to use GamePlayer example:

1. Add this as  Cydia source  — cydia.iapfree.org

2. Search and install ‘GamePlayer’.

3. Run Devildark and make note of your Gold amount.

4. Go back to the iPad home screen and run ‘GamePlayer’ – Make sure that DevilDark is running in the background.

5. Click the far left button below ‘SearchItem1′, select application -> DevilDark.

6. Then input your Gold value and click search. You may see a lot of results.

7. Return to the game, earn or spend some Gold and note the change to amount.

8. Return to Gameplayer, input changed amount and search again. (this is ‘search in results’.)

9. Repeat step 7&8 until getting 2~4 search results. (In my case, finally I got 2 match results.)

10. Click each value, wait 10 seconds, change value as you wish.

11. Return to the game, close inventory window and re-open, you can find your money is changed.

Skill points also can be changed by above method

Reset skill point to make reference value and search the value in Gameplayer.

Then allocate some point to any skill to make the value change, return to Gameplayer and search again.

Reset again, search again, allocate again, search again…

Repeat this until getting 1~2 match results (In my case, finally I got 1 result.). Then change the value as you wish.

gameplayer for iOS

GamePlayer NOT WORKING ON iOS 5.1.1 …??? GamePlayer Failed to Initialize?

– Download iTools and install it to the pc

here is the link : http://www.iplayplus.net/itools-pro-for-mac-dmg.html

– Run iTools on the PC then connect your device using USB cable

– There are some tabs options appearing under your device tab

– click “advanced” , then click “open ssh tunnel”

– click “desktop” , then click “Live Desktop”

– Get your ipad, then open the “GamePlayer”

– Disconnect Your Ipad from Your PC

– Enjoy GamePlayer for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch