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Gangstar Rio: City of Saints Hack Cash,Respect,Level

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints has been updated to version 1.2.0 in 5 days ago. Today,Gangstar Rio: City of Saints hack here for you to get 9 billion cash,1 billion Respect and level 25. This is a gamesave, so by using this hack you might lost all your Game progress.

In Gangstar Rio: City of Saints hack you will get:

  1. 9 Billion Cash
  2. 1 Billion Respect
  3. Level 25

Gangstar Rio: City of Saints hack cash and respect

How to get cash and respect on Gangstar Rio: City of Saints without jailbreak:

1. Install & Run Gangstar Rio: City of Saints. Exit game and close from multitask.

2. Download then Copy folder‘Documents’ to var/mobile/applications/gangstar3/Documents/

3. Overwrite existing file.

4. Enjoy unlimited Cash and Respect on Gangstar Rio: City of Saints brought to you by James, ONLY HERE at iPlayPlus

Note: Works on any version!


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  1. TeachMeHowToDougie

    hi james, my progress isnt saving, once i exit the game and remove from multitasking and open the game again i keep coming back from the prosecutors mission and all my progress is lost, please help, thanks. running 5.1.1, iPad2

  2. Why take so long?i really want test asphalt 7 hacked.i love this wepsite.

  3. Thx . a lot Mr. J8mesz , btw can you do sth about Elphis Adventure?

  4. TeachMeHowToDougie

    Thanks for the hack J8mesz

  5. Hi i just join vip but i dont see donwload link,it said i need join vip,but i did it already why?

  6. Hi J8mesz… You should help me hack Zombies swipeout v1.2 and Minomonters v2.0? Thanks for helping…..

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