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Get Unlimited Coins and Acorns on Ice Age Village

Latest Update: Ice Age Village hack unlimited coins and Acorns

The official Ice Age Game has released by Gameloft – Ice Age Village. A reader today earlier sent me an iMessage that asking for Ice Age Village hack /cheats and I know many of you are searching for this,but you are out of luck. However, you are now visiting and reading at iPlayPlus,”out of luck” is not gonna happen here. So, here is the Ice Age Village hack  for you to get unlimited Coins and unlimited Acorns on the Game Ice Age Village. Wow, this worth about thousand dollars,yeah, I mean the real money, 1,500,000 coins for$99 ..F*ck it, right? By using this hack, you will instantly get 888,888,908 coins and 888,888,888 Acorns , you do the math.

ice age Village hack


How to hack Ice Age Village to get  Unlimited Coins and Acorns

1. Install & Run Ice Age Village. Exit game and close from multitask.

2. Download then copy file ‘IceAgePlayerVO’ to var/mobile/applications/Ice Age Village /Docunmens/

3. Overwrite existing file and make sure permissions are set as follow

User: Read, Write

4. Enjoy unlimited coins and acorns on Ice Age Village brought to you by James, ONLY HERE at iPlayPlus

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  1. There are no file to download on this site or the Ics Age Village 1.0.6 version site. Please repost! Thanks!

  2. hello there is no file to download

  3. it work with money but lock friend,please chech

  4. Johanna Katharina Winkler

    i dont wanna make an abo can i download it somwere ithout abo ?

  5. I’m a VIP member and I cant see the password my username is chadli27

  6. Where is the code to extract the file?

  7. Where can i put this file in my galaxy S2?

  8. pleace give me the RAR code!!!!

  9. tnx 4 you on this work ..so nice really

  10. Friend has been locked and it show ” To unlock the Friend Map, reach level 6 and get the quest from Crash & Eddie”. I already got level 7 but can not unlock it. Pls help

  11. Thanks Works Perfect

  12. does this hack only work on jailbrake gadget or no need to be jailbrake first?

  13. OK, it works. It gives you the coins but then starts to count them down rapidly and you cant use them to buy anything. So, essentially, it is useless! And, it whips out your game you already had so, I now have to start all over. Bummer… You know what they say, cheaters never win!

  14. I keep trying to download it and it takes me to a survey 🙁

  15. How do you download the file?

  16. I can’t download, I get a 404 error from the links.. please relink 🙂

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