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Get Unlimited Coins & Bucks on “My Town 2”

A very few of people posted the [email protected] how to get coins and bucks on the Game ‘My Town 2’ but both of them were did on the older version of ” My Town 2″. Today, I will teach you how to get unlimited Coins and Bucks on My Town 2 version 2.3.1 which the latest version. My Town 2 is a free iOS game on App store, you can grab it here, but same thing as we talked about on Ice age village, ‘My Town 2’ is an in-app purchases game.They are selling 160,000 for $99 USD. Many of you don’t want to pay this money(included me ūüôā , actually I am not playing this game. ) So at here, iPlayPlus.org, I will show you how to get unlimited Coins ,Bucks,¬†levels and¬†xp on ” My Town 2 version 2.3.1″ on iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch. Remember, this is NO jailbreak¬†required.

99999 levels on My Town 2

unlimited coins and bucks on my town 2

How to get unlimited coins & bucks on “My Town 2”:

1. Install & Run My Town 2. Exit Game and close from multitask.

2.¬†Download¬†the ¬†file ‘savegame.json’ from var/mobile/applications/My Town 2/Documents/LocalFiles/ on your iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch, save to your PC/Mac

3.Using ¬†Notepad++(for Windows) / BBedit (free trial,for Mac) to open the file “savegame.json”

4. Find the code ” hrdCash”, change the number after “hrdCash”: to 99999999 something like that to make you get unlimited bucks


5. Find the code “sftCash”, change the number after “sftCash”: to 9999999999 whatever,to make you get unlimited coins. ¬† Change the number after”lvl”: to make you get highest levels, same thing for xp.


6.Save the file.

7. Sync the file”¬†savegame.json” back into your iPhone :¬†var/mobile/applications/My Town 2/Documents/LocalFiles/

8. Overwrite existing file.

9. Enjoy unlimited everything on “My Town 2” ¬†brought to you by James, ONLY HERE at iPlayPlus.ORG

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  1. It worked sometimes but now the file gets replaced too. I read the steps and tried to do in different ways but didn’t work. Do you have an ideia of what happened?

  2. Im stuck on step 2 where do I get the file from

  3. Make a video for those who are having trouble with this please.

  4. I cant get any hacks to work when I use funbox. It lets me hack other games, but I cant hack Mytown 2. i even tried doing it in airplane mode and nothing worked. What kind of ipod do you have?

  5. Works on 3gs but not 4s. worked first time on 3gs, have tried over 20 times on 4s even in airline mode, but some how the file is replaced. have even tried swoping all files from 3gs to 4s but app stops working, the 4s must have some kind of back up memory.

  6. How do you sync the file with ipad2?

    And what does close from multitask mean?

  7. i cant seem to find the file for it??i have ifunbox open where to i go from there??

  8. J8mesz please help me out. I downloaded ifunbox, found the file, Saved it to my PC, edited it for 9999999 bucks and then (not sure if I did this right) in ifunbox i clicked copy from pc and selected the file that i saved. it doesnt say this file exists do you want to overwrite. then i tried just disconnecting my iphone and opening My Town 2 but the amount of bucks didnt change. 

    • Alright, you should follow the steps very carefully to do this. This worked each every time I tested. 1. after you edited the numbers of bucks,lvl or whatever you want, remember to save the file. 2. Don’t change the file name.¬†3. Sync the file back to the same place you just have downloaded.¬†
      Remember: Run the game first after you installed. Then¬†close from multitask. This is very important, must killed the game first, or it won’t work.

  9. Doesn’t work on my iphone4 ios5.1, the file gets replaced each time i launch the app..

  10. Dont work on IPad 2, the file gets replaced

  11. How do i do step 2? Using itunes but cant find the savefile to download it to computer,

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