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Golf 2012 Released [iOS Universal]

Golf 2012Golf 2012 for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

The Masters, US Open, British Open, and the PGA Championship. The greatest of Open courses are played by the pros, and now you can play golf no one has before. In Golf 2012, play golf on a course you never have before, with new exciting challenges and point of view. The greatest golfers have trouble on this course…are you that good?

iPhone and iPad Game combo
★ Accelerometer controls
★ Easy to use
★ Golf carts
★ New challenges
★ Fast paced action

Only the toughest golfer can take on this course! Are you up for the challenge?

Golf 2012 ipa

Golf 2012 IPA for iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch:

Version 1.0: SlingFile

Download Full Version

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