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Golf Battle 3D is a perfect game for golf fans


(More screenshots below,demo video as well)

Golf fans,it your time now to play your golf on your iPhone or iPad.This Game named “Golf Battle 3D” has been downloads 250,000 times on App Store.Imperial Game Studio celebrate with a 48 hours free promotion,this promotion will be ends Friday 20 May at 15:00 UTC.Hurry up,and I highly recommended that you should try and I will show you the reasons why below.

Golf Battle 3D is not just a game,it is a kind of visual enjoyable.The game’ screen it perfectly in 3D and I’ve never ever seen this good before.The greatest feature is GB 3D having both Android+iOS+WP7 multi-platform version,moreover, it can be carried out in these cross-platform battle between platforms.Tons of cross-platform available games out there,but no one as better as GB 3D.The design of GB 3D is very similarly to “Let’s Golf! 2”,but I must say GB 3D is much better,you will see if you try it out.Keep reading on this right after the break.

The player’s name on the game is Angus,who is a golf player and his gold is to challenge Australia,South Korea,Scotland and the USA’s top golf courses.The “Golf Battle 3D” is not the kind of traditional rules of golf game, but like a blow to competition in the form of scoring.Production of 3D images was quite good performance to combat the effects and have a good field presence.But if you want the best experience,you should play it on your iPhone 4, I only can say that it’s perfect.The background music is also pretty nice,unfortunately,there is no background music when you are playing,so this would be kind of dull.

So,what about the controlling of this game? I can only say that it is time to challenge your sense and ability to grasp.You can tap anywhere of you screen to start swing and then you need to tap the screen again on anywhere when the club is close to the ball,after those done,you can counter the wind by tilting you device to the opposite direction. Even though you can watch the demo tour before your starting,you still need more experience and practice to improve your playing skill. No doubt,it would be more difficult to understand and grasp the model of this kind of operation.My suggestion here is you should know the “timing”, the timing when you should tap on the screen again(the second tap).

As what I was mention above, the game is offering 4 different countries golf courses which are Australia,South Korea,Scotland and USA. As you,the player can choosing to playing in 2 difference modes –Battle and Arcade.Has to be note that you have to connected to the internet so that you can have the battle with the others players form all over the world.And if you are in the ARCADE mode which is single player mode.Also the game can be obtained through the Battle Gold coins, can be used to replace his looks or attitude with any of the 26 full characters in the game. Every time you play the game you earn gold coins,these coins can be used to upgrade your avatar,or his equipment.

For the Version 1.1.5, there are some updated.Take a look below

• players now get score for the last ball in singleplayer
• players now get to see your last score
• fixed issues with not getting gold coins for achievements
• revamped the ranking system: it is now based on your leaderboard position
• updated some gui features
• more facebook options
• improved scoring
• fixed numerous smaller issues

The conclusion of my review,I have to say that this game is so much fun and kind of Challenging.I love the 3D screen,it is perfect and fantastic.However,the connection battle mode is not ideal,neither supports Open Feint nor Game Center,which makes the game only has a few of players online at the same time,this is the only badly thing I could tell.Like it or not,your choice.The download link is below and noted it is limited time free.

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