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Golf Pre-Shot Routine v1.1 For iPhone,iPad,iPod touch

Golf Pre-Shot Routine
Golf Pre-Shot Routine

This App will help you to get a consistent and precise Golf Pre-Shot Routine and enhance FOCUS, flow, mental strength and ability to get in the zone like PGA Tour Players

-From Driving to Putting, create different routine times for different shots, simply set your personal times then tap the big button on screen and go with the indications. The App will then automatically reset ready to tap for your next shot

-Through correct use and practice, your routine can meet your indications with precision and accuracy on every shot

Coaching Science:
-Regardless of which technical methods elite players are using they all seem to have good routines
-The best players in the world have very consistent pre-shot routine times, so is this really proven to work? Could it be that this idea is a smart route for player performance improvement? It seems to work for the worlds best so let’s get testing and keep those reviews coming in!

Top Coaches:
“It’s no good taking 10 seconds on one shot and 40 seconds on the next. Such erratic behaviour reflects uncertainty, or lack of focus.” – David Leadbetter

“To score consistently, a golfer must think consistently. A sound, consistent pre-shot routine makes it easier.” – Bob Rotella

-This App has no annoying adverts or pop ups that you get in most free Apps, giving a great practice experience

-After install no WiFi or streaming required so use it anywhere and at any time when practicing

-Simply download the PSR Golf App for your iPhone and get started today (which will also work on iPad)

Set the timer:
-Each time zone in the App is set to a specific amount of seconds by the user. Choose your own set of times, simply copy your favourite Tour Players times, or work with a PGA qualified Golf Coach to develop personal optimum times

PGA Tour:
-An extremely popular Pre-Shot Routine on Tour is 10sec 04sec 08sec. That is 10 seconds for practice swing/movement to encourage the correct swing they want to make, 04 seconds to stand behind and see the ball and target, 08 seconds to walk into the ball, get your set up and make the shot. A PSR total of 22 seconds every time

5 star reviews:
-This app is great, I am a 3 handicap golfer, this will help your Game. Great app. Would recommend.

-Nice to now have a cool device that I can use to perfect my routine and add variety to my practice sessions. App works really well.

What’s New in Version 1.1

Initially developed for the golf industry, the Groovedin app has evolved to help players and coaches in all sports through both routine timing development and simultaneously accompanied audio instructions. Helping create an environment where players can support themselves with their mobile device when practicing on their own.

History has shown that many unique and consistent pre-shot or pre-action routines have been successfully used by elite athletes, getting them into the right state of mind to carry out the job in hand. For further evidence of this simply study the worlds best for their mannerisms and distinctive routines.

The Groovedin app is a tool for creating and practicing this crucial routine. With different timer zones and an audio memo recording function, players can build their own personal set of timed indications and voice commands. Both coaches and players can then be confident the correct processes are being rehearsed during practice sessions.

Golf Pre-Shot Routine ipa

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