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Google Begins Testing New Music Service Internally?

Google has reportedly begun internal testing of a new music service dubbed ‘Google Music’, according to CNET.
Employees at the online behemoth have begun a process commonly referred to in Silicon Valley as dog-fooding, in which employees try out a new service or product, music industry sources told CNET.
Two weeks ago someone writing at the XDA Developers forum claimed to have accidentally discovered Google Music after installing the Honeycomb version of the Android operating system on a phone. Turns out, that was indeed a working version of the service, the music industry insiders said, adding, however, that the final version could be much different.

Google is said to still be in talks with labels over the service which would store your music on Google’s servers in the ‘cloud’. This is the same type of service Apple has been rumored to be working on. It will be interesting to see who is able to launch first.
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