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Google Opens Its Photovine App to the Public

Google today updated its Photovine App replacing the invite system with an open signup.

Photovine is a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people, and share your world like never before. It all starts with what we call a photovine: a group of photos around a single, shared caption. Start a new vine with a photo and caption of your own or add your photo/take on someone else’s vine.
What’s New In This Version:
– Invite system replaced with open signup – everyone can join Photovine now!
– Crash fix for posting a photo when the feed has a timeline break
– If user adds a note to a post, include that note as the first comment
– Ability to post photos to Facebook and Twitter
– Find friends from Facebook and Twitter
– SMS and email invites
You can download Photovine from the App Store for free.


As myself has been tested on Photovine already,so let me talk about how’s this App.I must say, Photovine is a very great app that you can share your own photos to the public and everyone who is on Photovine will see what you had shared on any topics. They can like your photos,follow you and you can follow them back too. It’s a very fantastic app. However, there are something I don’t very like Which are: When you are signing up for this app,itself doesn’t need you to confirm your password again; for whatever reason when you are forgot your password and you are trying to to get it back,you must send Photovine a support email to helping you to reset the password and you have to wait for a less 24 hours to let them reset for you.  For reason why need users to confirm the password again is to make sure anyone won’t missed type.Like myself, when I quiet the app and tried to login again, it appeared the invalid password / user name message.This means I missed type my password.So you have to be very carefully when you are typing in your password.Don’t matter when you forgot your password,right? Because every app can got you password back by send you an email to reset your own password. But,Photovine doesn’t. You must send them a support email to let them reset for you within 24 Hrs. What a great idea! Let me ask you a question, what is 30% of your users are missed type in their password and required a reset? That would be a huge work for you guys.So, consider to make some change for it.Anyway, Photovine app is  very worth to give a try.Remember,it’s free for everyone now.

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