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Google search page on some iOS devices gets face lift and tabs


Some people are beginning to see a revamped Google search site on their iOS devices. Both iSpazio andphoneArena have noticed the changes, pointing out that big new icons have replaced the smaller top links. The new icons are visible upon running a search query on an iOS device. They essentially function the same as the smaller textual links, taking you to the search silos such as Images, Places and News. Clicking the More link pulls even more big icons for quick access to YouTube, Gmail, Maps and other popular Google services.

The redesigned search page didn’t show for me at press time yet (I’m located in Europe), but it certainly feels kinda Google’s native mobile app for iOS judging by the screenshots. I also love the new tabbed searching feature (see the screenshots above). You can check out if the redesigned page is available by visitingm.google.com on your mobile device and performing a search (you must be logged in with your Google account on the device). These things usually take some time to propagate through Google’s servers so don’t panic if the revamped page won’t show up for you yet. Google could be in the process of rolling out the redesigned site, but it’s also possible that the new site appeared briefly as part of a testing process.

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