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Google Shopper App for iPhone

Google has Google shopper, an iPhone application that you can find information on millions of products helps started.

Google recognizes Shopper products for graphics, bar code, voice and text search. Here you can find online and local prices, reviews, records, videos and more to make the best purchasing decision. You can save items to your shopping list and share it with your friends.


Say you are planning a special meal for Valentine’s Day – but you have a cast iron pan to get the recipe to perfection. Let shoppers is simple: just type  cast iron pan, or that the use of Voice Search Then from the results, you can choose a specific product that appeals to you ..
Alternatively, if you were in the store and wanted to see the view, it can also scan the barcode of a particular product.

Once you have selected a range of products, you can compare retail prices on the Internet and even know where the object is now in the area, which is particularly useful for those of us who are recent buyers minute. Some retailers, we offer stock data, so that you can see if a store has the particular item in stock, is subject to availability, or if the product is exhausted and should be sent to another store.

If you are sure to make a purchase or build a gift list are, you can  star  products, for further consideration. You can also tag with your friends on their social network so they know what products you love or quotation that I found.

You can download Google Shopper from the App Store for free. The download link is below..




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