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GPS-based Speedometer For iPhone

Mother Tucker has announced the release of Speed PRO 2.1 for iOS devices. Designed originally for GPS-equipped iPhones, Speed PRO is a GPS-based speedometer that gives users a digital view of their current speed, average speed, top speed, distance traveled and elapsed time and allows them to save their routes. The most significant features are: presenting speedometer information in an easy to read digital format; Saving Routes with breadcrumb trails; Manual and Automatic Pause/Resume; Sharing speedometers and routes with friends; and a customizable speedometer interface.

Speedometer Features:
* Full-screen display of your Course, Current Speed, Average Speed, Top Speed, Distance Traveled, Elapsed Time, Altitude
* Pause/Resume tracking by single tapping screen
* Single Tap assignment option ("Pause/Resume Tracking", "Capture Image", "Ignore")
* Double Tap assignment option ("Pause/Resume Tracking", "Capture Image", "Ignore")
* Auto Pause/Resume option (Turn On to make Speed PRO: pause when it detects that you’ve stopped; resume when you it detects your moving; not allow manual Pause/Resume)
* Reset Confirmations option (Turn On if you want a confirmation sheet when you tap ‘Reset’)
* Swipe Left or Right to switch to Camera interface (Must have Background set to "Camera")
* Share Speedometer snapshots on Facebook or via In-App Mail
* Copy&Save Speedometer snapshots
* Portrait and Landscape orientation support
* Background option ("Black", "Camera")
* Mirroring option for HUD on windshield
* Text Color option ("Red", "Green", "Blue", "White")
* Units option ("Miles", "Km");
* GPS Accuracy option
* ‘Background Updates’ Location option – Allows your app to execute in the background (requires multitasking)
Route Management Features:
* Speed PRO always records your current route
* Tap ‘Reset’ to set your current route’s start time to your current time and it’s starting location to your current location
* Tap ‘Capture’ -> ‘Save Route’ to save your current route
* Tap ‘Routes’ to view your Saved Routes
* Share Route maps and speedometers on Facebook or via In-App Mail
* Copy and Save route maps and speedometer snapshots
* Records your route in the background (requires the ‘Background Updates’ Location option to be turned On and a multitasking device)
* Trail Color option for maps (Red, Green, Blue, Brown)
*Map Type option for maps (Street, Satellite)
Camera Features:
* Record videos and view the Speedometer interface at the same time
* Single Tap preview to Take a Photo
* Double Tap preview to Start/Stop Recording (iPhone 3GS or later model iPhones only)
* Set Focus by Pressing and Holding 1 finger at desired point on the preview
* Set Exposure by Pressing&Holding 2 fingers at desired point on the preview
* Swipe Left or Right on preview to switch back to the Speedometer interface
* 5X Zoom
* Flash/Torch/Focus Control
* EXIF (Camera Timestamp GPS)
* Auto Save (All videos and photos you shoot are saved to your Saved Photos Album)
* Requires your Background option to be set to "Camera"
Pricing and Availability:
Speed PRO 2.0 is only $0.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Navigation category.
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