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Guest List Planner 1.0 For Mac OS X

Guest List Planner

Chimp Studios has introduced Guest List Planner 1.0 for Mac OS X, their event planner app featuring one-click import of complete lists of names and addresses stored in the user’s Address Book, Gmail and Facebook accounts. With all contacts imported, event planning is a simple matter of dragging selected names onto the Guest List. The app is perfect for couples planning their weddings, parents planning kids’ birthday and graduation parties, and children planning retirement parties for their parents. Once a tentative Guest List has been created the app easily allows the creation of categories, such as Groom’s Side and Bride’s Side, etc. The app also imports and exports .csv files to and from spreadsheet applications.

Event planning in the age of the Internet is both more difficult and easier than before. The difficulties are: we have many more friends and acquaintances, and we keep their names and addresses stored somewhere in a smart phone or computer. With Guest List Planner these drawbacks become advantages. The app allows the event planner to easily import large contact lists without searching all the different places on their computer their contacts may be stored. From a single small toolbar, the user just clicks on the icon for Address Book, Google Mail, or Facebook, and hundreds of names appear instantaneously in the People Column, located on the far left of the screen.
Beside the People Column is the Guests Column. Drag a name from the first column to the second and their name appears in the Guest List, which increments the number of people invited. Simultaneously, the Invitation Window text fields on the right half of the screen are automatically filled in with the following: First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip, and Phone. Any unpopulated fields may be entered manually.
In addition to the text fields already mentioned, the Invitation Window includes the following optional fields, specifically pertaining to the event being planned: Side (of the family), RSVP (check-off), Priority (low, medium, high), Adults (0 – 100), Kids (0 – 100), Attendance Likelihood (low, medium, high), and a full size text box labeled Gift. An extremely useful feature is the versatility of the Side (of the family) pull-down menu. In addition to Bride or Groom, or Mom’s or Dad’s, the user can specify any category into which guests may be separated and sorted. For example, table number seating assignments may be easily made, edited, and grouped.
Two additional features increase Guest List Planner’s utility. First, an Info button brings up a pop-up window, which displays a table correlating the number of guests in each of the three priorities with the likelihood of their attendance. Also displayed are: Total Invites, Total Confirmed, and a toggle for Include Kids. Second, the application makes it easy to merge lists, so that two or more people can work on the guest list independently, and then merge lists to create the final Guest List.
Feature Highlights:
* Easily import all your contacts from Address Book, Google Mail, and/or Facebook
* Drag a name from the People column to the Guest column and all their information follows
* The Invitation Window displays all the information related to the Guest selected
* Categorize and sort guest by any criteria
* Keep track of number of guests invited, and the number who have responded
* Display statistics about your guest list
* Marriage, Birthday, and Graduation Template Themes included
* Import/export Mac Address Book Vcard files
* Cross-application support with Excel, etc. via import/export of .csv format files
* Easily merge multiple guest lists
"Guest List Planner will help reduce the stress, time, and money involved in planning and putting on an event," stated company CEO Andrew Schenk. "Our event planning application is simple to use, flexible, and the most convenient way to assemble your Guest List."
Pricing and Availability:
Guest List Planner 1.0 is $14.99 (USD) and is available on the Mac App Store in all regions. Review copies are available upon request.

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