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GV Mobile+ brings Google Voice to the iPad

Sean Kovack’s “original” Google Voice app, GV Mobile+ has now been ported to the iPad which will allow you to make calls using VoIP applications like Skype on the device or originate calls that will end up on landlines or cell phones.

GV Mobile + allows users of Google Voice to do the following with ease:
● picture messaging
● push notifications
● group messaging
● dial numbers via the iPhone address book, entering on the keypad, or choosing from the internal favorites
● send, retrieve, and delete SMS messages
● retrieve and delete recent call history
● playback and delete voicemails
● take calls from different phones other than your iPhone
● enable, disable, add, or delete the phones that Google Voice forwards calls to
● much, much more

What’s New In This Version:
● iPad Support
● Fixed chronic crashing after update/extended use
● Minor tweaks to SMS view
● Fixed the delete and 0 button in Forward Calls To Add/Edit view

You can purchase GV Mobile + from the App Store for $2.99.

Download Full Version

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