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Hauppauge Live TV Streamer for iOS Devices

Hauppauge has announced a new live TV streamer for the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Called "Broadway", this new stand alone "box" from Hauppauge’s PCTV Systems division allows live TV to be watched on an Apple device in the home through a WiFi connection, or anywhere in the world via an Internet connection.
Broadway can be used in the home, for example, to watch a football Game or a news program on your iPad. Your iPad will display a list of Broadway provided TV channels from your cable TV network, and once you have chosen a TV channel, touching the iPad screen with your finger will prompt the live TV program to fill the entire screen.
If you travel and have an Internet connection on your iPhone or iPad, you can watch live TV from your home anywhere in the world. Broadway connects to your home network router and transmits the TV signal through your network router over the Internet to your Apple device.
Hauppauge’s WinTV Extend software provides the same capabilities as Broadway, but requires a PC to operate. Broadway is completely stand alone, and is low power so it is always ready to send live TV to your Apple device. Broadway works with any standard home wired or 802.11g or 802.11n wireless router.
One of the key technologies within Broadway is a high-quality, high definition H.264 video compressor, which can take TV programs from clear QAM digital cable TV or ATSC over-the-air TV and "shrink" these programs into a form which can be displayed on an Apple device. Broadway also has a built-in multi-format TV receiver which can tune to digital cable TV channels and ATSC over-the-air broadcast TV channels, and then compress those TV channels and rebroadcast them over both WiFi and the Internet so that the TV programs can be watched on an Apple device. In addition to HD TV, Broadway can also receive and convert analog TV into a form which can be watched on Apple devices.
Broadway will have a suggested retail price of $199 and will be available in North America in about six weeks.


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  1. Awesome, I wish I could find a way to stream my Dish Network from home to my Internet only TV in California, I use a Roku XDS now but no live TV streaming.

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