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Health Risk Calc And Lifestyle Tool

Heartsmart iGlobal has released their latest update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. This is a cool, life transforming application, offering a health risk calculator, educational data and information, and lifestyle tools. Heartsmart iGlobal works for men and women of all ethnicities and is perfect for individuals, teaching institutions, health care professionals and the health and fitness industry. One of the Heartsmart iGlobal objectives is to raise awareness of major health concerns on a Global scale.
Heartsmart iGlobal developers are on a mission to help save and transform lives. The application is actually three apps in one, offering global data and descriptions of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and so forth, as well as a Risk Calculator and invaluable lifestyle tools.
Users are able to enter a few pertinent details such as their gender, ethnicity and waist measurement, in order for the app to calculate their risk of developing health issues typically associated with obesity. The app works for everyone, everywhere. It doesn’t matter whether a user is male or female, nor does it matter what their ethnicity is. Heartsmart iGlobal has been developed to accommodate every person in the world.
Whole families can benefit from using Heartsmart iGlobal but it also serves the teaching, screening and healthcare communities, as well as those in the health and fitness industry. The application offers statistical maps of each region on the globe, to indicate where certain issues are more prominent.
Finding out the level of risk a user has is one thing. Discovering what they can do to prevent or reverse illness is another. The third section of Heartsmart iGlobal is packed with twenty-two pages of lifestyle tools to help with making important, potentially lifesaving, changes. Along with valuable information on making healthy choices, there is help for those who need to stop smoking or lose weight, etc. Essentially, this application has everything that a user needs to take control and responsibility for their health and the monitoring of it.
Some of the features in Heartsmart iGlobal include:
* Very easy to use
* Contains 3 apps in 1
* Provides education and mapped statistical data by region around the world
* Calculates risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and stroke
* Enormously valuable, comprehensive lifestyle tools to help improve health
* Is perfect for individuals, families, teachers, and those who do health screening
* Always at the ready on an iDevice
* Offers pinch, expand and accelerometer controls
Another area that Heartsmart Global is passionate about is raising awareness. The Heartsmart iGlobal app does that by providing important information about the perils of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, all of which are reaching epidemic proportion in developed and developing countries around the world. This application ensures that help is available to everyone, along with those who care for them.
Pricing and Availability
Heartsmart iglobal 1.4 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Heathcare and Fitness category. Promo codes are available for qualified reviewers. Please specify the website or blog you represent when making your request.

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