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Highly innovative financial management software: MoneyTron

Want to find a simple and practical financial management software is not easy, many of these iPhone software indeed simple, but some and easy too far, did not take into account the practical and fast. Sometimes you need an easy to use, and very powerful software allows you to clear their financial situation.

MoneyTron is a very beautiful interface, financial software, first of all, its interface withthe wheel design, looks like iPod Classic, you can easily add the expenditure and income, the different parts of the wheel representing different types of expendituresand income. The software has a simple top area shows the overall financial position.

Prior to use, can be set on the MoneyTron, MoneyTron maximum limit is now only two kinds of support the dollar and the yen currency symbol. In the settings, you can set the record start time and the inside wheel to display the type of door, and the financial statements can also be output to CSV format file.

If you need detailed financial report, you can click the scroll wheel on the Report,financial report presents in tabular form can be used either daily, weekly, or different types of expenditure and income, you can also display reports in graphical form. In thepie chart, click on the appropriate area, can show the kinds of names.

Among them, the “composition”function is very useful, in the view when the pie chart,click on the + sign, you can create another wheel interface, there will be a pop-up menu displays the time you generate earnings and earnings a class , Variety of choice, clickOK, the software interface will become the number keypad for your input, it willproduce a breakdown of the report, quite fast and convenient.

Beautiful interface One of the reasons it is recommended, the most important thing isthat it is simple and practical, MoneyTron in the price of $ 1.99 in the App Store.

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