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Hong Kong Apple Store express counter in additional stores

hongkongexpresscounterApple recently opened an Apple Store in Hong Kong to huge crowds and much enthusiasm. The flagship store boasts 15,000 sq ft of space and an impressive and typically Apple glass staircase. It’s also got an Express Purchase Counter, a unique feature that may appear in other retail locations soon, according to ifoAppleStore.
The Express Purchase Counter is for customers who walk in knowing exactly what they want. For example, the shopper who wants a Bluetooth keyboard can enter the store, grab the keyboard, proceed to the Express Purchase counter to complete the transaction and then go on their way. It’s wise of Apple to recognize the difference between customers who would benefit from a chat with an employee vs. this “grab and go” type of shopper.
ifoAppleStore reports that the Express Purchase Counter could appear in other Apple Stores, should it be deemed successful in Hong Kong (we don’t know how Apple retail will define “success” in this instance). With the holiday shopping season approaching, such a rapid check-out option makes sense. Let us know if you see one in your local Apple Store.

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