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How To Add Tweetbot To Notification Center [Tutorial]

A reader at iPlayPlus today emailed me that saying there is no Tweetbot in his iPhone’s notification center, he wants to receive the twitter update by Tweetbot push notifications, and asked me is there any way to enable the tweetbot push notification messages. Here, the answer is yes.

The reason why you don’t have Tweetbot in your notification center is you didn’t configure the push notification messages in Tweetbot settings. Due to the first purchased and installed, you have to go to your twitter account right in Tweetbot to set it up to having Timeline update push messages.

To do so, you just simply follow the steps below to bring Tweetbot push notification messages to iOS 5 Notification Center.

1. Launch Tweetbot from your springboard.

2. Go to Accounts >Setting (At the bottom of your screen)

3. Go to ‘General’ > Sounds > Select ‘Notifications Only’ or ‘Play All’. Both of them will work fine.

4. Then scroll down a bit, you will see “Account Settings”, tap to open your current added account, tap on Notifications.


5. Toggle the “off” button to “ON”.  You can turn on whatever you need tweetbot to push you the updating messages. ” Direct Messages, Retweets,Favorites,Follows,Added to Lists and Subscribed to Lists. Also you can setting up Sleep Options, which means during your sleeping time, Tweetbot will not push you any notifications.

6. Now, go ahead to test it if setting up correctly by tap on the ” Test Notification System” at the bottom . If you are setting up correctly, you will see a pop-up message, seen below.


7. Since we are here, we are not done yet, however. Back to your device’s springboard, go to “Settings” > Notifications > Tweetbot.  Now, tweetbot app should be In Notification Center.

8. It’s time to toggle it ” ON”.  Tap on “Tweetbot”> toggle Notification Center on, select alert style>Banners or Alerts > choose display badge app icon on or off, then sounds, view in lock screen.

9. What is next? There is no next!! You ‘re done. Every time your twitter updating, you will receive the push notification send by tweetbot.  Good luck and enjoy!

Note: While you are setting up the push notification in tweetbot account settings, tweetbot may asking you to authorized it to access your twitter account, just sign in to your account and allowed.

Is this works for you? Not working? Let us know in comment below. Need more iPhone,iPad,iPod touch and Mac OS X tips ? Don’t forget to come back to check out.

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