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How To Get Siri Creates “Relationships” (Related People) For You

Right after how to get Siri correctly pronounce your name, we now to let siri creates “relationships” for you. If you just headed over to your  Contacts app >Select уουr name>Tap Edit >tap “add field”  or “relate people “you cannot add any relationships. There is no relationship field you can add. But you can add “related people” when you create a new contact. So, how can we let siri creates “relationships” for our existing contacts for us? Take a look the screenshot below first.

As you can see, I added “honey” as my girlfriend and after I added “Honey”, you can add mother,father,whatever..


Here is how to get siri creates “relationships” for you

1. Hold down Home button to launch Siri.

launch siri

2. Tell siri   “Honey” (Your girlfriend’s contact name ) is my girlfriend”. or “Amy is my mon” or “my mon is Amy ” and so on..

adding relationship

3. Tap “Yes” or “No” (Say “Yes” or” No”). Simply just say yes and siri will do the rest work for you.


4. You are good to go. Every time you call your mon or call your assistant, manager..you don’t need to say their names again.


Remember that Siri can do a lot of things for you, just try it yourself of come back to check out more features about Siri.


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