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How To Get Siri Creates Shopping List With Reminders

iPhone 4S Siri voice assistant can correctly pronounce your name ,creates a relationship for your contacts and even can type “comma” for you. Now, you can let siri to creates a shopping list for you with reminders.How to get siri make this happen?Follow the steps below to get your hands rest.


Launch “Reminders.app” on your homescreen,then create a list.tap the Lists but-ton at the top-left corner of the application. It looks like three lines on top of each other. Then tap Edit > Create New List … and enter the name Groceries. Click Done. Once you have added a new list, you can refer to that list in Siri.

After creating the list, you can add items to it with simple requests whenever you think of something new you need to buy. Tell Siri “Add eggs to my Groceries list”.

Siri asks you to confirm the new item. Just say Yes, and Siri adds it for you.

When you’re at the market, just check off the items as you buy them. Couldn’t be easier.

One more thing? If you’re on a diet, this is an excellent way to keep logging what you eat, a little at a time.

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