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How To Installing and Removing Fonts in Mac OS X


Managing fonts on the Mac is incredibly easy regardless of what system software version you are using. We’lll cover the process of installing new fonts, deleting unwanted ones, and also restoring your default system fonts in case you mess something up.

Installing New Fonts in Mac OS X

Installing new fonts is very easy. All you need to do is:

  • Double-click on the font.ttf file
  • Click on “Install Font”

When you double click on a font file, other than being able to install it, you’ll also see a font character preview showing the font face. This window will also let you preview any stylized versions (bold, italic, etc) of the font that are available and tell you if it’s installed or not. This is done through the Font Book app, which can also be launched separately to manage your typefaces.


Removing Fonts from Mac OS X

Installed an ugly font and decide you don’t want it anymore? Back in Font Book we can easily uninstall them:

  • Launch Font Book (located in /Applications/) and use the Search function to find the font you want to delete
  • Select the font to remove and either right-click on it and select “Remove ‘Fontname’ Family” or choose the same option from the File menu
  • Confirm the removal of the font


Remove Third Party Fonts & Recover Default Mac Fonts

Finally, if you accidentally deleted an essential typeface or system font, or you added so many third party fonts that your font menus are a disaster, you can restore the standard font family to Mac OS X:

  • From Font Book, pull down the “File” menu and select “Restore Standard Fonts…”
  • Click “Proceed” – this will remove all third party additions and nonstandard fonts and return you to the base Mac OS X font pack


Note: You can recover third party fonts after the restoration by looking in your ~/Library/ directory for “Fonts (Removed)”.

This process is the same in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.6 Snow Leopard.

Source: OSXDaily

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