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How to quickly view Mission Control On Mac

You can press and hold any of the hotkeys on a Mac keyboard to temporarily view Mission Control.

Here’s a cool trick that could be useful if you use hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts to activate Mission Control, the Dashboard, or Launchpad (i.e. F3/F4).

You might be used to tapping a hotkey once to activate that function and then tapping it again to deactivate (i.e. F3 for Mission Control). However, if you press and hold a hotkey, without releasing, that particular function will only remain active for as long as you hold down the key. For example, press and hold the Mission Control/Exposé hotkey, and it will disappear as soon as you take your finger off the key. Give it a try!

While holding the Mission Control key, you can still select windows, or create new Spaces using the mouse. This works with keyboard shortcuts too, such as Ctrl+Up, the default keyboard combo for Mission Control).

Incidentally, if you’re annoyed the Show Desktop mouse gesture has gone in OS X Lion, you can simply hold down Command and tap the Mission Control/Expose hotkey. That will do the same thing.

I tested some of these on my old MacBook, and they work fine. I’m sure the utility will be even greater with the full size keyboards.

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