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How to restore activation if your iPhone 4 IMEI is Banned



[ Step 1 ]
You need a Jailbroken iPhone 4 for this. You can use PwnageTool for Mac, RedSn0w for PC or Sn0wbreeze to jailbreak it on iOS 4.3.1. You also need the latest iTunes.

[ Step 2 ]


After a successful jailbreak. Fire up Cydia, go to Source from the bottom tabs and tap on “EDIT”. From the left top corner tap “ADD” and insert this repo: http://repo.bingner.com

[ Step 3 ]


Once you have the repo, go to search and type in “SAMPrefs” or “SAM”. Install SAMPrefs and it will install SAM as well, or make sure you install both.

[ Step 4 ]


Once you have it installed and after a respring, you will notice a SIM icon on your springboard. Tap on it to run it and go straight to “Utilities”. From the screen choose “Backup Activation” and wait for the confirmation.
That′s it, your activation is now saved and if Apple ever goes crazy on you, you know how and where to restore it.

[ Update ]
How to Restore the iPhone 4 Activation
If for some reason Apple blacklists your IMEI here is how to restore your activation
1. Jailbreak and Hacktivate your iPhone 4, RedSn0w and PwnageTool can help you do that.
2. Fire Up Cydia and from the above guide follow all the steps to Install SAM and SAMPrefs.
3. Open SAM and Tap on Utilities > Restore Activation! DONE!
The backup and restore activation using SAM is working so get your iPhone 4 Factory Unlocked!

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