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How To Set A Long Passcode In Passcode Lock In iOS 5

Setting up a passcode for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is one way to keep your files, apps, etc to be safety,securely and privately .As you might know that in iOS 4 you can only set a simple passcode which is a 4 digit number. Of course, you can set a simple passcode in iOS 5 as well, but in our case is to set a long and complicated passcode. However, don’t setup a passcode that even you cannot remember.Now, let move on to the simple steps to set a long passcode in iOS 5.

1. Same thing as before, launch “Settings” > General

2. Scroll down to the middle of the screen, tap on ” Passcode Lock” (default is Off )

3. Under Passcode Lock, you will see “Simple Passcode” is on,now go ahead to turn it off.


4. Tap on “Turn Passcode On” at the top of the screen.

5. Start to setting up your own Passcode. Type in your passcode in the field under “Enter a passcode “. Then tap on “Next” on top right of your screen.


6. Re-enter your passcode




7. Tap on “Done”. Now, your long passcode has been created. (Make sure you remember it.)



Once you set your own passcode up, you will need to enter your passcode every single time while you are trying to Unlock your screen and power up your device.



To change / turn off your passcode just follow the steps above,re-enter your passcode to turn it off, tap edit to change. Any questions feel free to ask in comments below.


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