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How to set permissions on ifile

In case for some of you wondering how to set permissions by using iFile Cydia app, here’s a quick guide for you.

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Some file need to set permissions if you edit or modify that file, like we sometimes using Game hacks.  Here I will show you how to set permissions on your iPhone using ifile. If you not yet have ifile,y0u can find in Cydia,or here.

1. Open up iFile. Then go to var/mobile/ You will see “Applications” there:

iFile set permissions 1

2. Tap on Applications, then you will see the Applications names there, if you don’t, you see things like this: 54FJAKLJ-FAJGF-FAKJLIWEQUT then go to the button left, tap on the setting icon:


3. You will see Preferences, the tap on File Manager to open:


4. After you opened File Manager, go to Application Names, and toggle ON. Then hit “Done” on your up right Corner.


5. Now, you will be able to see all your applications names, find the game/app you want to set permissions, here I am using DH4 for demo, then tap to open the folder: (Yours will be different, for example, “Secret” is for the game “Secret Passages: Hidden Objects”)


6. Then you will see the app files folder, tap to open it, yours would be different, for example ” secretpassages.app”


7. Now you will see all the files, scroll down to find the file you want to set permissions, in this case, it’s “DungeonHunter4“, yours would be different, for example “secretpassages“. Then tap on the blue narrow


8. Now, it’s time to set permissions, set to the same as the screenshot below:


9. After you set the permission like the screenshot above, tap on “Done”.

Now, you are go to good!!

– Read = 4
– Write = 2
– Execute = 1
If u want to set 775, so
* User : read,write,execute (4+2+1)
* Group = read,write,execute (4+2+1)
* World = read,execute (4+1).

Normally, we just need to set permissions to 777  (read, write,execute) if we are using a game hack. Let me know what you think in comment section below.

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  1. i have the mass effect hack…. but is not saving… what kind… of permissions should i give it…

  2. Still having a bit of trouble can you list your settings for all three files? Also your group/owner please. Hopefully it works after this. These have been super helpful

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