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How To Turn Off /On “Badge App Icon” In iOS 5

Don’t like your Apps in your homescreen show the badge app icon? If in iOS 4, you are not able to turn it off  but this is a new feature in iOS 5 that allows you to do that in a few simple steps.If you don’t know what is badge app icon, then just take a look the screenshot below.


Now, here is how to turn off badge app icon:

1. Launch “Setting.app”

2.Go to ” Notifications”

3. Find the app that you want to turn the badge app icon off , for example  ” Messages”

4.Tap “Messages”, scroll down a bit, you will see ” Badge App Icon”, seen below.


5. Tap to turn it off.


6. The “Badge App Icon” will be gone.

Want to bring it back? Just follow the steps above to turn it back on.

Please note that you cannot turn off  badge app icon of “App Store” app. Any apps that not listing in Notifications, you cannot turn “Badge App Icon” off.

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