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How To Compress / Decompress .tar, .gz, bz, .zip and more In Mac

During the command-line era of computing, archiving files involved cryptic commands such as tar -xvf somefile.tar. However, since those days, the masses have come to use computers, and they expect an easy to use system with graphical elements and interaction. The days of the command-line interface are distant, and expecting the common user to resort to those older methods is normally out of the question. This is where GUI Tar steps in.

GUI Tar is a wrapper application which acts as the front end to the 7zatargzipbzip2uncompressunrarunzip, and zip UNIX utilities. The operating system itself handles the complicated work, while GUI Tar provides a pleasant and easy method to interact with these system tools. GUI Tar is divided into two sections: Extractor and Compressor.

GUI Tar Extractor offers the functionality to uncompress and extract files from archives. The following files can be opened by Extractor: .7z, .tar, .tgz, .tar.gz, .dmg.gz, .svgz, .gz, .tar.z, .z, .Z, .tar.Z, .taz, .tbz, .tbz2, .bz, .bz2, .rar, and .zip.

GUI Tar Compressor can compress and/or archive a collection of files in .7z, .bz2, .tar, .tbz, .tgz, .gz, .Z, or .zip formats. Archive files and folders from multiple locations, instead of being restricted to just one directory.

WHAT’S NEW in GUI Tar Version 1.2.4:

  • Improved calculation of file sizes listed in the compression table.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Optimizations and clean up for a leaner application.

PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
GUI Tar is free for everyone, you can download it from the link given below:
This is not the only one solution to compress or decompress those file types in Mac but it’s easy and works. Another good app for uncompressing is The Unarchiver.
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