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Hw to edit documents with Microsoft Office on iPad

Many people will hesitate to buy iPad, one very important reason is: iPad can not view and edit Word and Excel documents. The writer has collected in the iPad to view / edit Office documents a variety of methods to help you remove this embarrassment.

  1、Microsoft Office Web applications: Free, but can not be edited in the iPad

  Microsoft is not the iPad not to provide users with Office products, but does not provide mobile Office applications. But it provides a cloud version of Office Web applications.

Office Web applications Microsoft office suite in order to meet Google Google Docs, a similar product. So it is a lightweight version of Office, and, like Google Docs, allowing users to implement a simple file operations.

Office Office Web applications lack many bells and whistles inside the function. Many users find that not so many problems, because it is free. Office Web applications, but also has many deficiencies, mobile users need to consider the following:

a) support for hardware devices only iPad, iPhone, iTouch and Windows Phone 7 hardware devices;

b) in terms of equipment iOS platform, Office Web applications to provide viewing only, can not be edited; only supports Word, PowerPoint. But now there are rumors, iOS4.2 improvements have been made in this regard.

c) Office Web applications are hosted services, not mobile applications. This is surrounded by a high degree depends on the availability of your network link performance.

  2、Apple iWork: simple, but still


If Apple and Office than for the product, then Pages is equivalent to Word, Numbers equivalent to Excel, Keynote the equivalent of PowerPoint. This need for each product application from the Apple store for $ 9.99 to buy. Each can input and edit Office documents of similar content. But they can not be saved as Office formats.


So we can give up the Office Web applications. However, there is a problem: iWork Office file formats can be entered, but not output compatible version of Office 2007 and 2010 format. The file name at the end of these formats have a “x”, for example. docx,. xlsx,. pptx. That means you need to keep separate document, and the loss of your formats are not compatible to bring some of the format changes.

Office documents saved in iWork files is almost smooth, but the previous version of Office2007 is limited.

App Store reviewers still give iWork four semi-star, iPad applications is one of the highest in the list. 

 3、Google Docs: simple form and document editing

  17 November, Google announced iPhone, iPad, Android2.2 platform user, and now in addition to the original form of the function of editing, you can edit the text file. Android Users also have a new feature: voice commands to edit the document.

In addition, performance in the editorial, PC World’s critics say: “Compared with the Office, or too simple, and only so few functions: to write with an ordinary text font, edit the form, add the missing elements … … Function very much. You can not create a new document, you can not change the fonts and formatting, you can not add a hyperlink, you can not format the text, can not add pictures, can not do any little bit of editing skills.

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