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i0n1c’s Jailbreak Untether May Be Dead

Now here is why i0n1c said “the time of jailbreaks is over”.i0n1c has announced that his jailbreak untether for iOS may be dead as of iOS 5.0b1.
R.I.P. – I just heard Apple killed the ndrv_setspec() integeroverflow and his friends in iOS 5.0b1 – if this is true the untether is dead
I0n1c’s untether has been applied to devices jailbroken using limera1n since iOS 4.3.1. It allowed users to boot their jailbroken devices without assistance of a computer.
MuscleNerd announced earlier that iOS 5.0b1 has already been jailbroken using Limera1n; however, it is a tethered jailbreak. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that this news is inaccurate but it doesn’t look good.
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