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iAZConverter convert everything from A to Z

iAZConverter is a new Utilities App released By Andreas Zimnas, it can be convert everthing from A to Z. Easy to use, Customizable, Updatable and Comprehensive converter.It works on both iPhone,iPad or iPod touch.It seems kind of interesting and useful.Take a look the features of iAZConverter below,see how it’s works for you.(IPA file available for Jailbroken devices)

– 36 Categories and 1091 units in total

– Built in calculator

– Support for mixed units (Foot + Inches, Pound + Ounces etc.)

– Double tap the conversion input to clear

– Swipe the conversion input to delete a number

– Shake to swap units

– Tap the Input or Output conversion screen to select a unit

– You can change the order in which the categories are displayed on the main screen

– In the unit selection screen you can order units by name (Ascending or Descending), by factor(Ascending or Descending) or by a custom reordering, which you create.

– Add the conversions you use mostly, to your favorites and access them quicker

– iAZConverter keeps track of your conversions so you can go back and see what you have converted

– Currencies and the database can be updated manually. The currency exchange rates are updated from the Bank of Canada, the European Central Bank and the Bank of Thailand.

– Send your conversion by e-mail

– The unit Selection screen provides search so you can easily find what you are looking for

– You can turn units on or off depending on your needs

– Copy / Paste support

– Unit name and factor are displayed in selection and the conversion screen

– You can choose from 3 different backgrounds and 3 different keyboard styles

– Support for up to 12 decimal places

– Full portrait and landscape support

– In-app Help

iOS 4.0 Ready

– Retina Display Ready


– Surfaces
– Distances
– Volumes
– Currencies
– Time
– Temperature
– Mass
– Acceleration
– Angles
– Computer Data Size
– Data Transfer Speed
– Electric Current
– Energy
– Power
– Speed
– Pressure
– Cooking
– Typography
– Force
– Density
– Electrical Capacitance
– Frequency
– Illuminance
– Luminance
– Torque
– Viscosity
– Charge
– Fractions & Percent
– Fuel Consumption
– Heat Flux Density
– Moment of Inertia
– Magnetic Flux Density
– Molar Concentration
– Si Prefixes
– Flow Rate
– Sound

You can purchase this app from app store for $1.99. And if you have your iOS device Jailbroken ready,you can download our IPA file to install into your device and it’s free.This IPA file cracked by M95. The download link is below.

iAZConverter [Andreas Zimnas] (v2.9.3 LP os313)-M95.zip

If you are new in jailbreak,you can check out our tutorials from here.The other thing you should know is how to add iPA files to your iPhone or iPad,our tutorial posted here.

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