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iCloud.com video tour

Apple yesterday opened up its iCloud service for developers so they can integrate web-based documents storage into their apps. YouTube user helpfulmactips2010 (via MacRumors) provides this helpful video tour showing off the various features and the rich iCloud.com web interface that provides access to web apps which closely resemble the appearance of their iPad counterparts. This includes web-versions of Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Find My iPhone, iWork data storage and iPad-like “task switcher” at the bottom, as we showed you in our extensive screenshot gallery. It’s worth noting that web app icons are exact carbon-copies of their iOS versions. The web interface even sports iOS-style notifications and subtle animations. Apple has also revealed price points beyond the free 5GB of storage ($20 for 10GB, $40 for 20GB and $100 for 50GB a year) and released new versions of iWork for iOS and iPhoto for Mac to developers, featuring full iCloud support. And you gotta love those cute error messages, as shown in the screenshot below. More screenshots of error pages here.


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