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iDamaged v1.03 updated with bugs fixed

The cinematic soundtrack made by renown games composer Mattias Holmgren of MorningdewMedia could be straight out of a Jerry Bruckheimer movie.

iDamaged is compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, iPad, iPad 2 and all iPod Touch devices running iOS 4.0 or later. iOS 5.0 recommended.

Game Center support via Leaderboards and achievements.
Local leaderboards.

Earn points in the Game by completing challenges and collecting points when playing. These points you can use to get some of these weapons or upgrade them:

• Mini-gun
• Homing missiles
• Napalm thrower
• Ion storm
• Big rounds
• Call in air strikes
• and more!

iDamaged features also an upgradeable shield aswell as weapons coolant which will make you fire continuously for longer.

Upgrade wisely! We recommend that you upgrade your mini guns along with the weapon coolant first but the choice is yours:)

Each mission ends with an end boss battle.

Configurable touchscreen and tilt accelerometer controls to play to your liking with countless combinations you can adjust the controls to your preferred playing style!

The 60beat gamepad is now supported!

This is our first game for iOS and we’re still hard at work to bring you more missions and goodies in the form of future updates so keep checking and feel free to send us some feedback!

We will be releasing the editor in a future update and a way for you to alter all of the graphics in game so even non programmers will be able to modify the game to their liking!

What’s New in iDamaged  Version 1.03

‘QUIT TO MENU’ didn’t show up on GameOver screen when 60beat gamepad wasn’t connected.

Made ‘easy’ mode even easier by having even less of the tough enemies in there.

Fixed bug where game didn’t render properly when game was started while phone laid on table without holding it

iDamaged ipa

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