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Get Unlimited Coins on iFighter 2 v1.2

Update: iFighter 2 v1.51 hack unlimited coins

iFighter 2: The Pacific 1942 by EpicForce has updated to version 1.2 last week,removed black border on iPad,tuned down difficulty for better gaming experience and gets bug fixes. I just love this Game,so I playing this game a lot. But I am not a good gamer, I can’t get any coins from the game. You may be the same.,lol..so [email protected] it to get more coins. They selling $99.99 for 1,688,800 coins on iFighter 2 store, but here is free for unlimited. Using this [email protected] you will get same amount of coins as you have before, but guess what, you can buy anything from the store for free.  Let’s say, you want to but 3x big bomb, that’s for 2,100 coins but after you tap on the buy and yes to confirm purchase, you will get the big bombs, but you won’t lose any coins. Many of you may thinking this is impossible , but it just worked.

iFighter hacked

How to get unlimited coins on iFighter 2 version 1.2?

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  2.  Download iFighter 2 v1.2 (link posted below)
  3.  Install iFighter 2 v1.2
  4.  Enjoy buying everything for free on iFighter 2

Click here to download iFighter 2 v1.2 – FileFactory | Mediafire

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  1. I don´t know how to get gift code for ifighter v 2,11

  2. Sure, mediafire link will be posted here soon

  3. I’m glad these hacks are available. They charge for the game already but still want to charge ridiculous amounts for money/coins/gold whatever…  First of all, there’s no point in playing it if you can just “upgrade” to something so powerful, no one can beat you. Isn’t the point of a game is to be challenging?
    Then there’s the cost. $99?  Seriously?  This game is NOT worth $99. Not even $10.99. I’d pay $1.99 tops for this game. There are many better shooters out there that cost just $0.99 and you simply work your way to become more powerful. No need to buy anything else.  I don’t even think anyone with half a brain cell would pay $99 for ANY iOS game.  I do believe the option is there for people that do it by accident… like kids. That’s why Apple is getting sue because it’s too easy for kids to buy on mommy’s dime. Good for you hacker!  Keep up the good work!

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