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iGameGuardian 7 (support iOS 6.x – 8.4)

iGameGuardian cracked deb (igameguardian_7.0.1-1 beta) download for iPhone,iPad,iPod touch. latest tested on iOS 8.4.  

iGameGuardian Requirement: iOS /6.x/7.x/8.x + JB (jailbreak)

iGameGuardian Overview:

iGameGuardianWithout it, you are played by games; with it, you play games in your own rules! “iGameGuardian” is a game hack/alteration tool for iOS. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable part.

iGameGuardian Main Features:

  1. Search game value with precise numbers.
  2. Search game value with vague instructions, e.g. larger or smaller.
  3. Lock the game value to a fixed number.
  4. Save/Load the managed list.
  5. Memory browser/editor.


Don’t expect it works on every game. Some games may encode the data to prevent from cheating. Some games, especially online games, store data in servers.

Download iGameGuardian – (igameguardian_7.0.1-1 beta) – latest version

* Before install the newer version, please uninstall the old one first.
1. Use the tool like ‘iTools’ to put the file under directory /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall/ of your jailbreak iOS device.
2. Reboot your device, it will be installed automatically.
3. Reboot.
4. Pangu -> Utility -> Rebuild App list
(You can also use iFile to install iGG. Reboot after installation.)
1. Cydia > Manage > Packages > iGameGuardian > Modify > Remove > Confirm
2. Reboot.Known Issues:
1. iOS would disable certain sub-systems when the screen is off, that may cause this iGG failed. DO NOT let you screen off when iGameGuardian is busy, e.g. searching, scrolling.


– Can’t find the icon in SpringBoard
1. Pangu -> Utility -> Rebuild App list
2. Install other tweaks from Cydia

– iGG does not work after restoring system
1. Restoring system or upgrading system will clear iGG license. Please email me and providing your WiFi MAC address

– Keep showing “Please reboot your device”
1. Please don’t use tools to kill background processes.
2. Please don’t use Flex to hack iGG.
3. Try to delete /var/mobile/Library/com.apple.gg.record2.plist
4. Use VPN if necessary
– Searching forever
Please check the “Search range” in “More” tab. What’s the min and max?
If your device is 32-bit, try [0x0 ~ 0x10000000].
If your device is 64-bit, try [0x0 ~ 0x200000000].
Maybe your should reboot your device after setting the search range.
– App Dead
Please try to turn on “Use storage” in more tab
<< V 7.0 >>
* Support iOS 8.
* Add difference search function.
* Add nearby search function.

<< V 6.0 >>
* Fix segment UI in alert view on iOS 7.

* Add I64 and F64 data format.
* Support 64-bit games.
<< V 5.5 >>
* Add float tolerance setting. Some games would ceil or floor the floating numbers.
* Add batch modification in Search and Save tab. You can change ALL items at a time.
. Batch modification in Search tab supports auto increment. For example, “123++” would set 123, 124, 125, … to each search item, respectively.
* Configurable iGG process name.
* Rename “Bias” to “Rebase”
. Select one search item and select one saved item, then “Rebase” would implicitly calculate the default offset.
* Add one setting to display system applications. This is useful for emulator games, e.g. MD.emu.
* Remove the restriction of displaying only 200 items in Search list. Now it display the list in segmented way, just like Memory tab.* Fix fuzzy search bug in float format.
* Fix a bug when using fuzzy search after number search.
<< V 5.0 >>
* Support int8, int16, int32, and float32 data format!
* Fix Save function in iOS 6.
* Add Sort function: sort by name and sort by address.
* Add Bias function: add a offset to all addresses in Saved List.
* Change process name to avoid detection. (It will be blocked soon, just enjoy now)
* Improve installation/uninstallation procedures.
* Support long press in several tabs.
<< V 3.1 >>
* Improve the memory browser/editor
. Support 1-byte, 2-byte, and 4-byte data format
. Provide better UI control
* Save the settings in More tab.
* Dismiss the dialogs, which don’t have a “Cancel” button, by long pressing.
* Fix one search issue.
<< V 3.0 >>
* Memory browser/editor
* Use storage option: use disk storage instead of memory to reduce memory pressure.
* Configurable search range